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 Sewing instructions:

Note: for this garment and other stretch jersey projects we recommend using a 4 thread overlock stitch but you can also use a sewing machine + zigzag stitch.

1. Preparing The Collar and
The Cuff:

Lay front and back collars’ right sides together and sew together both side seams. 

Cut off the corners of the side seams. This will help to get perfectly sharp corners.
Press seams open.

Do very similar steps with the cuff.
Fold the cuff right sides together and sew together the side seam.

Cut off the corner and press the seam open.

Fold the collar and the cuff. Press.

2. Shoulder Seam:

Lay the dress / top’s right sides together. Serge or sew. Press towards back.

3. Joining The Sleeve:

Lay body panels’ right sides together with the sleeve’s right side by matching the notches (the middle notch of the sleeve matches with the shoulder seam). Serge or sew. 

4. Joining The Sleeves:

Lay dress (top’s) right sides together and serge together the side and sleeve seam. Serge together the other side seam. Press the seams towards the back.

5. Joining The Collar:

Lay dress left side with the collar’s right side. Serge.

Work from the left side of garment to understitch the collar 5mm next to joining seam catching inside collar.

Fold the collar on garments’ right side. Press.

Secure the collar by making few invisible handstitches. Join the collar‘s upper seam with the shoulder seam, collar’s lower seam with the side seam and make a few stitch in between.

8. Joining The Cuff:

Slip the garment’s sleeve with the right side out into the cuff (both right sides are facing each other). Serge around the lower edge.

Straighten the cuff and try to topstitch the seam.

It might be challeging to get the sleeve so far under the sewing machine needle since the cuff is so long. In that case try to partly fold the cuff until it gets easier to access the seam.

By doing this step you will be able to wear the sleeve in 2 ways - folded up or folded down as an extra long sleeve.

9. Hem:

If you don’t have a coverstitch machine, neaten hem allowance, turn to inside and pin. Topstitch the lower 3cm wide catching hem.
We suggest to use a more elastic sewing stitch such as triple straight stitch or even a narrow zig-zag stitch.

Give the final press and you’ve finished!

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