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Mazu Sweatshirt Unisex Sewing Pattern – Studio Rosado

Sewing instructions:

Note: for this garment and other stretch jersey projects we recommend using a 4 thread overlock stitch but you can also use a sewing machine + zigzag stitch.

1. Preparing All the Bands and Cuffs:

Fold the neck band piece together with the right sides facing. Pin the side seam and stitch. Press the allowance open.

Do exactly the same with the hem band and both cuffs.

Fold the neck band (also hem band and cuffs) on half and press it.

2. Joining The Shoulder Seams:

Lay sweatshirt’s right sides together and serge (or sew) together both shoulder seams. Press the seams towards the back. 

3.Joining The Neck band:

Lay the sweatshirt’s right side together with the neck band’s right side by matching the neck band’s seam with one of the shoulder seams. Pin the neck band around and slightly stretch it. Stitch.

Work from the right side of garment to topstitch the neck band 5mm next to joining seam catching inside strip.

4.Joining The Sleeves:

Lay body panels’ right sides together with the sleeve’s right side by matching the notches (the middle notch of the sleeve matches with the shoulder seam). Serge or sew. Repeat with the other sleeve.

5. Side Seams:

Lay sweatshirt’s right sides together and serge together the left side seam and the sleeve. Repeat with the right side seam. Press the seam towards the back.

6. Joining The Cuffs:

Put the cuffs inside the sleeves by matching the right sides and the open edges. Match the cuff’s seam with the sleeve’s seam. Serge around by slightly stretching the cuff.

7. Joining The Hem Band:

Slip the hem band inside the sweatshirt by matching the right sides and open edges. Match the hem bands seam with the sweatshirt’s side seam and the hem band’s notch with the other sweatshirt’s side seam.

Turn the hem band downwards and press the seam upwards. 

Give the final press and you’ve finished!

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