Who We Are

Hello 👋

It's me Linda. I am the founder of Studio Rosado.


My passion for sewing started when I was 7 and my late grandma asked me to help her to do simple sewing tasks because her hands were ruined from arthritis. She was the brain, I was the hands, I had no idea how I managed to make something, but she always guided me through!

Years later I started bachelors program in clothing and textile manufacturing. I love mathematics, so I decided to go for an engineering degree rather than arts. I really enjoyed the studies until the point when I started to see the reality of clothing manufacturing. And then my quarter-life crisis kicked in. 😅
It was clear that I will not go the traditional career path, so after a lot of soul searching, I decided that I want to share the amazing emotions that sewing can bring to you. For me sewing at first was a way to deal with boredom, then it was a way to express my personal style with very limited money. And when I felt completely useless in my life, sewing reminded me that I am capable to create.
Besides me, there's also my brother Kārlis (yes, it's like Karl but in Latvian). He has been producing all the visual materials and he's a full-time sunshine 🌞
Our third musketeer is Anda aka mom. She's our accountant. However, her big talent is knitting and you sure can wait something from her. 🤫

Btw, you can also find our patterns in Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/StudioRosado
Wishing you a creative life 💗