How can I access all sizes in the layered PDF print file?

Firstly, make sure that you open the print file through Adobe Reader. You can download it here and it's completely free for Mac and PC: get.adobe.com/reader/

Then look for Layers section on the left side. When you click on the layers section, you will see clickable boxes next to sizes with or without eye icon. Just click and leave the eye for the size you need and click out the eye symbol for the sizes you don't.


How do I assemble together the printed US letter/A4 pages?

After printing trim off the margins that have the scissors symbols.
The remaining uncut margins will be used to assemble the pattern by taping or glueing adjacent edges to them.

You can find a Print at Home Layout in every tutorial file. Match the paper tiles by aligning the corners of the corresponding pages (eg: B3 and B4). Tape pieces together.

After the pattern is assembled, you can cut the pieces out.


Do the patterns include seam allowances?

Yes, they do! All patterns have visible seam allowances and the size of them vary depending what kind of seam or hem it is.
If you fancy or your fabric requires different width of the seam allowance, you can easily trim off the default seam allowance of the paper pattern since the patterns have visible borders with seam allowances.