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Sewing instructions:

1. Preparing Pockets:

Pin pocket pieces right sides together with side seams of the pant panels matching the markings. Stitch. Neaten the seams. Press pockets to the side.

Take front pant details and understitch the pockets.

2. Joining The Legs:

Lay front pant panel right sides together with the back pant panel. Pin both side seams. Stitch along the outline. Neaten allowances and press towards the front. 

Secure the pockets in place by doing three back and forth stitches. 

Pin inside leg seams and stitch. Neaten the seams. Press the seams towards the back.

3. Centre Seam:

Neaten each centre seam edge seperately.
With one leg right side out and one leg wrong side out, slip the leg with the right side out into the other leg. (So both right sides are facing each other.)
Match the seams. Stitch the centre seam. Stitch it a second time 1mm away to reinforce the seam, so you can do some crazy moves.
Press seams open.

4. Preparing The Waistband:

Lay the waistband pieces together with the right sides facing. Pin the side seams and stitch. Press the allowances open.

Fold the waistband on half and press it.

Lay the sides of the elastic band on top of each other to make a flat seam. Stitch it with the swing machine.

Put the elastic band inside the waistband.

If you’re a novice creator: secure the elastic band inside the waistband by sewing a zigzag stitch around the open edge 5mm apart from the edge.

4. Joining The Waistband:

Lay the waistband right side together with the pants. Match the waistband’s side seams with the pants’ side seams and the notches with the center seam. Stitch. Neaten the seam.

Turn the waistband up and press the seam towards the pants.

Optional: you can secure the elastic band and give a different look to the waistband by topstitching it with a zig-zag stitch two times 1.8cm apart. 

5. Hem:

Neaten hem allowance, turn to inside and pin. Topstitch the lower edge 3cm wide, catching hem.

Give the final press and you’ve finished!

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