Sewing Instructions:

Note: for this garment and other stretch jersey projects we recommend using a 4 thread overlock stitch but you can also use a sewing machine + zigzag stitch or sewing machine’s overlock stitch.

1. Preparing The waistband:

Lay the front and back waistband pieces together with the right sides facing. Pin the side seams and stitch. Press the allowances open.

Fold the waistband on half and press it.

2. The Right Side Seam:

Neaten the skirt front panel’s right side seam. Repeat it with the back panel’s left side seam. 


Lay front and back panel’s right sides together. Pin the seam you just serged.
Sew starting from waist to the notch indicating the slit.
Press the seam open and also press the slit allowance 7mm (0.3 inch) from the edge.

3. The left side seam:

Lay the front and back panel pieces together with the right sides facing. Pin the left side seam and serge from waist to the hem. Press the allowance towards the back.


4. Joining the waistband:

Lay the waistband right sides together with the skirt. Match the waistband seams with the skirt’s side seams. Pin. Stitch. Press the seam downwards.

5. Hem & Slit:

Neaten hem allowance. Turn to inside and pin. Stitch the hem and around the slit.  You can make an invisible stitch by hand, if you want more exquisite result.

Give the final press and you’ve finished!